Announcing Stockfuse Champions for April 2015

We’re excited to welcome the fourth group of stockfusers into the Stockfuse Champions Program:

  • @mattyflex delivered a whopping 86% return in March, aided by a series of successful bets in small cap names such as $MVIS and $CORT.
  • @Mark8 was up 79%, driven by his successful bets in $ACI and $CORT.
  • @nicholaston21 generated a 55% return and has proven himself an astute small cap trader.
  • @cmacmillan was up 51%, with a very well-timed and profitable $NTDOY trade.
  • @brlawson was up 48%, with a series of well-timed $ACI trades.

Meanwhile, the selection process for May 2015 is underway, and you’re automatically eligible. Keep up the great trades and the next champion could be you! For more information about the game, check out