Announcing the Winners of the Barclays Markets Insight Game – Round 2

We’re excited to announce the winners for the second round of the Barclays Markets Insight Game.

The top performers are Yanfei Chen and James Caven in EMEA, Wenjuan Gu and Jonathan Lee in APAC, and Alikhan Mukhamedi and Will Walant in the US.

  • Yanfei was up an impressive 23% during the period. Yanfei placed bets in a variety of stocks across industries and sectors. Many of these trades ended up in the money, while the unsuccessful bets barely detracted from the overall performance. This asymmetric P&L profile highlights Yanfei’s stock picking capability.

  • Wenjuan delivered an astonishing 45% return during the second period on the heel of highly successful bets on GLEN and AAL. Both stocks have been exhibited high levels of volatilities as of late and timing the swings is no small feat!

  • Last but not least, Alikhan was up an unbelievable 54% in the past month. Some perfect market timing combined with astute security selection allowed Alikhan to fully capitalize on the volatility in the market, jumping to the top of the leaderboard.

Just like the first round, Barclays is also rewarding participants who have scored particularly high on “thoughtfulness.” James, Jonathan, and Will are the three winners in this category, standing out amongst participants from 70 countries and 800 universities. Not only did they support their trades with thoughtful analyses, they also demonstrated remarkable discipline, engagement, and community influence during the second period.

Please join us in congratulating all the winners, who will meet with Barclays professionals in the coming days. In the meantime, Round 3 of the Barclays Markets Insight Game is under way and there are still ample opportunities to win!