Announcing the Winners of the Barclays Markets Insight Game – Round 3

We’re excited to present the winners for the final round of the Barclays Markets Insight Game.

The top performers are Timothy Lo and Ed Cave in EMEA, Andy Lau and Chul Ho Yang in APAC, and Van Spina and A. J. Cabrera in the US.

  • Timothy returned 28% during the period, even as the UK equity market as a whole slumped. He fully capitalized on the volatilities of AAL and GLEN, trading in and out of these positions deftly.

  • Andy was up 16% during the period. Short positions are always risky and require high convictions. Andy’s well-timed RIO shorts played out splendidly during the period, pushing him to the top of the APAC leaderboard.

  • Finally, Van delivered a whopping 56% return in the final period. The winning trade includes GMCR, which rose 72% on one day after being acquired by JAB. But luck alone does not explain Van’s outstanding performance. Every single one of Van’s trades have been supported by extensive analyses and thorough write-ups, even completely DCF valuation worksheets.

In addition to the three players who have delivered extraordinary returns, Barclays continues to reward participants who have scored well on “thoughtfulness.” Ed, Chul Ho, and A. J. are the three winners in this category, standing out amongst participants from 70 countries and 800 universities. Not only did they support their trades with Street-quality analyses, they also demonstrated remarkable engagement, and community influence during the period.

Please join us in congratulating all the winners!