August in Review: Stockfuse Wiki, International Expansion, and More

August was an extraordinarily busy month for Stockfuse and we’d love to discuss some of our latest developments.

One piece of feedback we’ve received from our users is that we should provide better tutorials and educational material. To fulfill this request, we have added a new web property to the Stockfuse family – the Stockfuse Wiki. This wiki features a complete user guide for our mobile and web apps. You can also find various educational articles and even a glossary. We hope the wiki will help you navigate around Stockfuse more easily and discover some features you previously didn’t know about!

In addition, we have begun preparing for a major global expansion. We rolled out several updates over the course of the month to provide complete support for international trading. For example, you may have noticed that all the ticker symbols now have the associated exchanges displayed. We’re still finalizing a few more details but we’ll be unveiling international trading games in the very near future.

We are also working very closely with our corporate customers on a number of major initiatives and can’t wait to share them with the community. Until then, stay tuned and happy trading!