New @ Stockfuse – New Management Features for Game Administrators

We launched the largest upgrade to Stockfuse last weekend, featuring TradeEngine 3 and a bold new design. But we’re not standing still. This weekend, we released yet another update, providing improved tools for game administrators:

  • The Participants tab provides a bird’s eye view of every trader in a game and quick access to their portfolios, report cards, and exportable PDF reports.
  • The Moderation tab (premium games only) allows administrators to easily moderate content submitted by contest participants.
  • The Pulse tab (premium games only) provides a summary of activities in a game, including page views, session durations, etc. The data is further broken out by web and mobile visits.
  • The Download tab allows you to quickly export key data into a beautifully formatted Excel spreadsheet.
  • The Settings tab allows you to configure different aspects of a game after it has been created, including registration dates, privacy, etc.

We hope these improvements make running games on Stockfuse even more efficient and pleasant!