Stockfuse 9 – The Biggest Update Ever

We’re super excited to announce Stockfuse 9 for iOS – the biggest update to Stockfuse since we launched a year ago. Virtually every aspect of the app has been updated based on the feedback we’ve heard from you – our users!

Here are some of the biggest changes:

  • Points: We are launching a new Points system and everyone gets 1000 points to start with (in addition to points you’ve already earned). There are many ways to earn points, including upvotes on trades and messages, and you can use points to leave games and reset portfolios (Yes, you can leave games now!)
  • Design: Stockfuse 9 features a brand new user interface, focusing on clarity and ease of use. The new tab-based navigation allows you to access the most important screens with a single tap. Furthermore, many buttons are now clearly labeled (e.g., “Place Order”), allowing new users to get started right away.
  • Dividends: Stockfuse has always paid out dividends in real time, but before, dividend history could only be viewed on the web. No longer! Dividends are now accessible from the app. Just tap on “View Account History” from a portfolio.
  • Posts: Many users want to share news articles without having to submit a trade. This feature has finally arrived! Just tap on “Make Post” on the Main Feed.
  • Speaking of the Main Feed, we’re customizing its content for each user, presenting the most relevant trades and posts based on your holdings, watchlist, and followers.
  • Messages: We now support votes in our real-time chats, providing you with a new way to earn Stockfuse points.
  • Trading: Game rules sometimes prevent some trades from being executed and our rejection message used to be somewhat esoteric. We’ve redesigned all the trade notifications to address this issue. Now when a trade is rejected, we provide detailed information on the reason behind the rejection and how you can remedy the situation.

And there’s so much more! Be sure to upgrade to Stockfuse 9 today and start exploring all the great new features. As usual, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear them. And don’t forget to leave us a rating in the App Store!