Stockfuse for iPhone v6.1

Three days ago, we released Stockfuse for iPhone v6.0. Shortly after the release, we received several reports that the app was crashing. We immediately investigated the situation and ascertained that the crashing was caused by some code that didn’t work with iOS 7. Although iOS 7 represents only 5% of our user base, we want as many iPhone users to enjoy Stockfuse as possible – hence v6.1 is here! Special thanks to Apple for expediting the app approval process for us!

In addition to fixing up the iOS 7 issue, this update does come with one new feature. When you go to any stock page, we now display far more details than just stock quotes. You now have access to real-time fundamentals data such as market cap, daily volume, price-to-earnings ratios, etc. These metrics should help you make more informed investment decisions.

We thank everyone who emailed us and rated the app to let us know of issues. Although it always saddens us to receive 1-star ratings, it does get us alerted to issues you’re experiencing. It also helps make everyone’s Stockfuse experience better. So keep the feedback coming!