Stockfuse Goes International – Now Providing Real-Time Virtual Trading for UK Stocks

When you sign into Stockfuse today, you’ll notice that Stockfuse Continuum, our flagship stock trading game, has been renamed “Stockfuse Continuum (US).” That’s because we have officially launched the second Stockfuse Continuum game – Stockfuse Continuum (London). That’s right, Stockfuse is going international!

Stockfuse Continuum (London) brings our highly realistic and powerful virtual trading games to the UK market, allowing you to trade stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange. Like its US sibling, our UK game features an industrial-strength trading engine, real-time trade execution, advanced performance analytics, our signature report card, even a transaction cost model specifically calibrated for the UK market.

Best of all, all of these features are immediately available to you, without you having to download an updated app – we’ve spent the past few months adding these features in the background!

This is just the beginning of our global ambitions. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the near future!