Stockfuse The Next Generation is Here, Featuring a New TradeEngine and a Whole New Design

As planned, we have completed a major upgrade to Stockfuse over the 4th of July weekend, and it was huge.

First, TradeEngine 3, our industrial-strength order management system, has gone live. We have completely rewritten this vital Stockfuse component from scratch. Not only is it leaner and faster, it is also far more capable, providing support for advanced features such as limit orders. Traders using our website can enjoy the full benefits of TradeEngine 3 immediately. Our mobile apps have also begun using the same engine for trade execution, and an update supporting other advanced features is coming soon to the App Store near you.

We have also redesigned the Stockfuse user interface. The design goals were twofold: 1) to unify the design language across the web and our mobile apps, providing our users with a consistence experience, and 2) to enhance social interactions. These goals are particularly noticeable in the design of the posts. Not only do they share the same look-and-feel as their iOS counterparts, they promote social features such as voting, commenting, and bookmarking.

As you start using Stockfuse, you’ll also notice numerous little touches. Here are some examples:

Stock Pages

  • We now provide real-time fundamentals data such as market cap, P/E ratio, dividend yield, volatility, etc.
  • We have enhanced the algorithm behind the Stockfuse sentiment score. Furthermore, we now display three-month rolling histories of these scores, giving you a sense of how sentiment is evolving in the market.

Portfolio Dashboard

  • When you execute a trade on our mobile apps, your web Dashboard, if it’s open, will automatically refresh itself without you having to reload the page.
  • Your portfolio dashboard now displays 1-day P&L for each position.
  • When you close a position, we now continue to list it on your Dashboard during the current trading day. This allows you to reconcile your daily P&L much more effortlessly.
  • The P&L contribution report now provides real-time P&Ls as well, instead of being 1-day delayed.


  • Portfolio returns in the sidebar now update every minute, instead of every 15 minutes.
  • When you hover over a stock symbol, the popover now provides the latest market price, saving you a trip to the stock page.
  • The order submission form now displays the market price of the security you intend to trade. We also check your inputs more diligently, making sure that there are no erroneous entries.
  • We even optimized the search box, making search results more relevant.

This upgrade has been months in the making and we cannot be more proud to deliver it. As usual, if you have any feedback and suggestions, please share them with us!