Stockfuse: The Next Generation

Some major changes are coming to Stockfuse, and we’d love to give you a glimpse into the future.

Stockfuse is available both on the Web and as mobile apps. Right now, our website has a very different look-and-feel from our apps, but we want to provide a consistent user experience across platforms. To accomplish this goal, we spent the past few months redesigning every component of our website. The new user interface adopts the same design language as our apps, making the UI much cleaner and more modern. It is also more functional than ever, providing faster access to key features on Stockfuse.

Stockfuse Virtual Trading Games New Design

But it’s not just the user interface that’s changing. Along with the new design, we’ll be launching Stockfuse TradeEngine 3. Our mission has always been to provide the most realistic trading games in the world. Almost a year after our public launch, Stockfuse remains the only virtual trading platform that’s Reg-T compliant. It is also the only platform powered by advanced features such as Market Impact Models. But we’re not standing still. We’ve completely rewritten our trading engine from scratch. The new TradeEngine comes with some of the most requested features, such as limit orders. It is also leaner, faster, more capable, and more reliable. We believe TradeEngine 3 will provide an unrivaled simulated trading experience to our users.

We’re making final preparations for these upgrades and we can’t wait to deliver them to you in the next few weeks!