Stockfuse Trader Report Card

Stockfuse is used by various financial institutions to evaluate and recruit trading talent. The foundation of our platform, of course, is our prized virtual market simulator that has been used for over 140 trading games. What truly differentiates us, however, is our core philosophy: trading is much more than just performance.

Traditional virtual trading platforms provide a one-dimensional assessment of a candidate’s trading, which is performance. Stockfuse, by contrast, heavily de-emphasizes performance in our evaluation process. Instead, we focus on “soft metrics” such as the thoughtfulness of the candidates, the quality of the investment rationales, behavioral biases with proven correlation to investment success, and overall engagement levels.

Over the past week, we have rolled out a brand new Report Card that embodies our core philosophy. This redesigned Report Card is available for every Premium game and is divided into the following sections:

  • Performance: This section includes the old school stuff, such as your cumulative returns, volatility, Sharpe ratio, and rolling equity beta.
  • Trading Style: Your average allocation and P&L by sector and by market cap, as well as leverage. For select games, we’ve also analyzed the entry or exit style of each trade (e.g., momentum, reversion, etc.), providing deep insights into your trading pattern and the effectiveness of different strategies.
  • Investment Rationale: Quality of your investment rationales and an overall assessment of your thoughtfulness in trading. Each and single one of your investment rationales has been rated either by Stockfuse researchers or by our automated AI.
  • Behavioral Bias: An in-depth analysis of your trading biases. For example, whether or not you tend to over extrapolate from past trends, how often you hold onto losers for too long, etc. The content of this section may differ depending on your access privilege.
  • Engagement: For select users, we provide a detailed analysis of your engagement level across market conditions.
  • Noteworthy Trades: A list of your best trades, as determined by community votes.

Stockfuse Trader Report Card

The new Report Card provides a multi-dimensional evaluation of your trading activities, allowing you to see what has worked and what areas may need improvement. For candidates seeking jobs in the financial services industry, it also provides an overview of how you are being evaluated.

We hope you enjoy this new design. If there’s any cool statistics you’d like to see, please do not hesitate to contact us at info [at]