Striving for Realism

Here at Stockfuse, we’re working hard to strike a balance between accessibility and realism. We want less experienced traders to feel that our platform is easy to understand, and we want more experienced traders to feel that our platform provides a realistic trading experience. We learned a lot from a recent survey we conducted, and we’d like to announce several changes we’re making to enhance your Stockfuse experience:

  • Transaction Costs: Some users commented that Stockfuse does not accurately reflect the transaction costs associated with trading and actually encourages unrealistic behavior that would be risky (or impossible) to replicate in the real market. After much internal deliberation, we’ve decided to deploy our proprietary Transaction Cost Model to Stockfuse Continuum to ensure that the trading experience on Stockfuse mirrors real-life trading as closely as possible. This is the same model we’ve been using in our most advanced games and rivals similar models used by the world’s largest financial companies. Here is a blog post detailing how the transaction cost model works and why it’s necessary: New @ Stockfuse – Transaction Cost Model.
  • Dividends: Many users wondered whether we could support dividends. The good news is that we’ve been adding dividends to your account since the very beginning! We’ve also added a “Dividend” section to your portfolio Dashboard on the web and we’ll bring this page to mobile shortly.
  • Real Time Portfolio Update: This was the second most requested feature and we can certainly understand why. We are already in discussion with our data provider and we look forward to rolling out this feature as soon as possible.

As always, we’re trying to make Stockfuse the best it can be. Feel free to comment below or email us at info [at] if you have any questions!