Stockfuse Champions Program

Play Free Virtual Games, Earn Real Cash

Stockfuse rewards our users’ excellence in investing with cash prizes through the Stockfuse Champions Program. By playing in our virtual trading games, you have the opportunity to receive cash payments based on your performance on Stockfuse.


Monthly Selection

  • If you have an account on stockfuse, you are already eligible for consideration in the Stockfuse Champions Program (the “Program”).1 Participation in all games is free. Start Trading Now!
  • On the last calendar day of each month, we look at your
    1. Reputation points gained over the month.2 Remember you earn reputation points when other users upvote your trades and when you earn badges, so write good investment rationales and submit thoughtful trades!
    2. Cumulative return in Stockfuse Continuum over the month.3

    A composite score is computed as “cumulative return × 100 + reputation points gained ÷ 100.” Five users with the highest composite scores will be invited to participate in the Stockfuse Champions Program, although we reserve the right to invite more if we like what we read.

  • New Stockfuse Champion Program members (“Champions”) are selected on a monthly basis and will be announced on the Stockfuse Blog.

Stockfuse Champions Program

  • Once you have been confirmed for the Stockfuse Champions Program, you’ll be allowed to trade in our invite-only Stockfuse Champions Contest.
  • On a monthly basis, Stockfuse will pay out $1000 × your cumulative return in the Stockfuse Champions Contest over the same month, if your cumulative return for the month is positive. For example, if you are up 20%, then you’ll be paid $200. If you lost money during the month, there will be no cash payment, and you must return to your previous high watermark in subsequent months before payment will continue.4
  • Stockfuse reviews each Champion’s eligibility at the end of each quarter. To maintain your eligibility in the Program: 1) you must submit at least one trade each week, 2) your reputation points must increase by at least 100 during the quarter, AND 3) your quarterly performance in the Stockfuse Champions Contest cannot be worse than -15%.


  • The Stockfuse Champion Program pilot will run from December 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. The first monthly selection will occur at the end of December 2014. Stockfuse reserves the right to extend the program in the future.
  • Stockfuse reserves the right to remove any contestant suspected of cheating, illegal or illicit activities.
  • Stockfuse reserves the right to alter the rules of the Stockfuse Champions Program, with at least one month notice.

  1. You must be a US citizen or resident with a valid tax ID to be eligible for the Stockfuse Champions Program. Each person can have only one account in the Program.

  2. Your gains in reputation points are calculated as follows:

    \[ \begin{align} P &= \text{reputation points on the last calendar day of the current month} \\ &\quad- \text{reputation points on the last calendar day of the previous month}. \end{align} \]

    Number of reputation points as of 4:20pm EST are used.

  3. Your cumulative return in Stockfuse Continuum is calculated as follows:

    \[ R = \frac{\text{Stockfuse Continuum net liquidation value on last business day of current month}}{\text{Stockfuse Continuum net liquidation value on last business day of previous month}} - 1. \]

    Net liquidation values as of 4:00pm EST are used.

  4. Here’s an example illustrating high watermark works: Let’s assume in October 2014, your cumulative return in Stockfuse Champions Contest is \(-10\%\), then there is no cash payment for the month. In November 2014, your cumulative return is 20%, then your cash payment will be \(1000 \times (20\% - 11.1\%) = 88.89\). (After falling 10%, you must first return 11.1% to return to your previous high watermark.)

    Your earnings for each calendar year is capped at $600 for tax reasons.

  5. You agree to release and any of its affiliates from all liability, including:
    • Any claims, expenses and legal fees arising from or related to any violation of the Program Rules by you or anyone using your account.
    • Any typographical errors or omissions in any Program-related document.
    • Delayed or lost correspondence sent by U.S. mail or any other form of delivery, including email.
    • Any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay, theft, destruction, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, reward you earn or redeem.