Play a game, win a job!

CNBC • May 12, 2016

CNBC’s Kayla Tausche reports on the new trend of companies using gaming as a recruiting tool.

Play This Game and Win a Job!

Wall Street Journal • March 14, 2016

Last fall, Barclays PLC began testing a new tool for attracting young job applicants: a mobile videogame.

Stockfuse, developed by SHFuse Inc., a New York-based startup, is just one of a new breed of apps that invite people to play games that also serve as real-world recruiting tools.

Stockfuse announces first phase winners from Barclays trading game

Finextra • November 3, 2015

Stockfuse, a revolutionary candidate evaluation and talent development platform, today announced the successful completion of the first period of the Barclays Markets Insight Game.

Looking for a savvy trader? Check their gaming scores

Pensions & Investments • September 21, 2015

Can playing “Super Mario Bros.” indicate someone’s investment capabilities? Not really. But a gaming platform developed by Stockfuse Inc., New York, allows students and prospective employees at financial services firms to conduct risk-free simulated trading through an electronic game.

Tech upstarts seek to disrupt gender bias in finance

Financial News • September 17, 2015

New York-based StockFuse has developed a platform that enables students or others seeking a job in finance to compete in virtual portfolio management games. Without having to invest any actual money, candidates can show off their skills by trading real stocks in real time with real prices. Games are hosted by financial institutions who can then invite the top performers for interviews or meetings.

Stockfuse launches Global Markets Insight Game with Barclays

Stockfuse • September 15, 2015

Following its time on the Barclays Accelerator programme, Stockfuse, a revolutionary candidate evaluation and talent development platform, today announced that Barclays has selected it to power the first ever Barclays Markets Insight Game as part of its graduate recruitment campaign. By taking part in the game, a total of 18 individuals will have an opportunity to meet with Barclays executives from around the world and be mentored about career opportunities at the bank. Barclays is taking an innovative approach to its global graduate recruitment, expanding the talent pool, improving efficiency, and introducing a “fun factor” to help students increase their commercial awareness and help inform their career choices.

Barclays tests gaming technology for identifying top recruits

FierceFinanceIT • September 15, 2015

In the competition to find and attract new talent, Barclays is offering college students a chance to demonstrate a set of skills that may not be on their resumes.

Barclays hunts for new recruits with gamified trading platform

Finextra • September 14, 2015

Barclays is to test the skills of budding traders with the opening of a virtual investment platform from US-based gamified recruitment startup Stockfuse.

Bank Leverages Gamification And Machine Learning Techniques To Tap Into A Diverse Talent Pool

mondovisione • September 14, 2015

The Barclays Markets Insight Game powered by Stockfuse will enable Barclays to reach out to students studying in any campus in the world and engage with students in a more interactive and innovative manner. Students can access the game from September 14th, 2015.

Barclays turns to gamification in talent search

FStech • September 14, 2015

Barclays has launched a gamification recruitment channel for graduates, utilising a platform developed by one of its own FinTech accelerator startup finalists. The Global Markets Insight Game is available from today, and has been built by US-based Stockfuse, which claims to be the first company to integrate gaming, psychology and machine learning techniques into stock trading games.

Firms urged to look beyond traditional trader recruiting grounds

The TRADE • September 10, 2015

Sean McCormack, CEO and cofounder of Stockfuse, said recruiting from traditional talent pools such as the Ivy League or Oxbridge universities could mean firms are overlooking the capable traders of the future.

Stockfuse hosts the Duke Morgan Stanley Trading Game for a second year

Duke Financial Economics Center • August 28, 2015

The Trading Game, sponsored by Morgan Stanley, enables students to learn about trading, portfolio management, and risk and return by trading a portfolio of global securities throughout the fall semester. The grand winner of the game will be awarded an internship interview with Morgan Stanley.

Big Data, Gamification and the Hunt for Talent on Wall Street

TabbFORUM • August 25, 2015

How can Wall Street compete with Silicon Valley to attract top tech talent? A change in recruiting practices may be due, says Sean McCormack of Stockfuse, talking to TABB analyst Valerie Bogard. Instead of focusing on candidates from ivy league schools with the appropriate majors, Wall Street should try a skills-based approach, says McCormack, whose company uses gaming technology to assess a range of skills applicable to financial services.

Trading game helps FS firms pick job candidates

Finextra • August 18, 2015

Wall Street and City firms now have a new tool to help them sift through thousands of job applications: a virtual trading platform that uses social gaming, psychology and machine learning techniques to test candidates’ mettle.

Win a Spot on Wall Street, by Playing Games

Stockfuse • August 18, 2015

Stockfuse today announces the official launch of its revolutionary candidate evaluation and talent development platform, employing gamification technology to bring skill-based recruitment to the financial services industry. The platform is the first to seamlessly integrate social gaming, psychology and machine learning techniques into trading games designed to revolutionize the recruitment process. Firms can then quickly filter through candidate profiles based on the specific requirements and skillsets for a position.

Xignite Market Data APIs Power Ten Apple Watch Financial Apps

Xignite Press Release • June 24, 2015

Investment in wearable devices is particularly important for financial companies to showcase flexibility and scalability in today’s high-touch, fast-paced environment. The Apple Watch apps offered by Xignite fintech clients extend the functionality of the companies’ successful iPhone and web solutions by letting wearers get instant alerts for news on stocks they follow, monitor spending, manage portfolio performance, and even place live stock trades.

Barclays is working with 7 out of 10 businesses on its latest Accelerator programme

Barclays Newsroom • June 22, 2015

After thirteen weeks of intensive networking, mentoring and development, ten businesses have this morning showcased their innovative fintech propositions at a Demo Day in London, as the second cohort of the Barclays Accelerator concludes.

London steps up fight for spoils from financial tech boom

Reuters • March 26, 2015

Stockfuse is among 10 firms picked for an “accelerator” programme run by Barclays in east London, which provides advice, access to bank executives, facilities and seed funding.

Second cohort of teams enrol on the Barclays Accelerator

Barclays Newsroom • March 23, 2015

Ten businesses aiming to shape the future of financial services will begin their journey on the thirteen-week Accelerator programme in London today.